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The Samian earth is blessed! The groves of the island give the best olive for oil with great perfumes and very very low acidity.

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Aug 4, 2011

Participation in the exhibition Life & Taste

Participation in the exhibition Life & Taste at Zappeion was successful.

The one at the event titled flavors & Life seeks a special approach, bringing all kinds of market quality food and good living, presenting both the general public, and to professionals.

Flavours are or are looking for and we want everyone to enjoy at a high level of culinary tasting event, specialized tastings, culinary events with the participation of visitors, educational workshops and interesting presentations by experts, and cultural events on quality of life .

Greek traditional products, biological products, PDO, products, geographical area, gourmet, herbal cosmetics and thematic tourism make up the puzzle polyekthesis tastes and life.

Some of the major sections of exhibits are: Olive oil, olives and derivatives, milk and cheese, wine and spirits, juices and soft drinks, pastries, honey, sweets and cakes, teas and herbs, legumes, pasta, fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, fish and naturally the services area, consultants, publications, etc.

Participation in the exhibition Life & Taste at Zappeion was successful .




Αφιέρωμα στα προϊόντα της Σάμου είχε το περιοδικό γαστρονομίας Gourmet...


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