Groves of Samos

The Samian earth is blessed! The groves of the island give the best olive for oil with great perfumes and very very low acidity.

Our Factory

Learn about our history and check our factory facilities. You can visit our factory in order to taste our products


Points of sales

You can find our products in Samos, in selected shops in Greece, but also in Germany, France and Sweden

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Elia - Virgin Olive Oil

5lt                                               2lt                  1lt             500ml        250ml

The gold and sweet virgin olive oil produced by local ripe olives Samos. It is clear, palatable and enhances the natural flavors and aromas caressing the palate with our velvety texture and intense flavor.

Elia Virgin olive oil is bottled in five packages

250ml  -> BOC 20

500ml  -> BOC 12

1000 ml  -> BOC 12

2000 ml  -> BOC 6

5000 ml  -> BOC 4



Participation in the exhibition Life & Taste at Zappeion was successful .




Αφιέρωμα στα προϊόντα της Σάμου είχε το περιοδικό γαστρονομίας Gourmet...


Giannis Markou

Koumeika Samos, Greece 83104
Tel +30 2273036304
fax +30 2273036342

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