Groves of Samos

The Samian earth is blessed! The groves of the island give the best olive for oil with great perfumes and very very low acidity.

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You can find our products in Samos, in selected shops in Greece, but also in Germany, France and Sweden

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Fifty years ago the Greeks lived in a poor country that struggled to close the wounds of cruel decade of war.

A country that tried to pass from the category of remote to that of developing countries. The little avgataine little by little. Everyone looked forward and hoped for the best.

In large cities earned day by day a place in the world. But in small villages and districts had begun by some progressive people to gain economic and social dynamism.

In the small but very humble village (since the oil production was never negligible) our father, comes to present the first modern mill to replace the existing antiquated now trying both to cover the increasing production into line with other developments.

With hard work and always seeking the best, presented in 1978 the first centrifugal mill on the island of which they subsequently increased its production capacity.

The company as required by the state, passed in younger hands.

With respect to the experience and knowledge of his father, with care and diligence in the present, with vision and hope for the future expansion. In 2006 we started a new landscaped area in the standardization process extra virgin olive oil, carefully observing all hygiene.

Participation in the exhibition Life & Taste at Zappeion was successful .




Αφιέρωμα στα προϊόντα της Σάμου είχε το περιοδικό γαστρονομίας Gourmet...


Giannis Markou

Koumeika Samos, Greece 83104
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