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The Samian earth is blessed! The groves of the island give the best olive for oil with great perfumes and very very low acidity.

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After harvesting the olives from the olive grove, olive transported to the mill, where it passes through various stages to begin the process of receiving the oil. The initiation of treatment begins with the passage of the fruit from special machines for cleaning the leaves.

The cleaning of the leaves is an automatic procedure. This care is necessary because a large quantity of leaves when grinded with the olives gives bitter taste and a lot of chlorophyll (green) which does not help in maintaining its quality.

Followed by washing which removes the foreign material (soil, dust) contained in the olives, while becoming the automatic weighing of the net addition of olives.

The grinding of grain from the olives is cut into small pieces forms the paste know as the important phase “Ekthlipsis”. In the past years there was the mills with 3 or 4 stones of different diameter. Nowadays breaking (grinding) is in a metal shredder in a perforated eardrum.

In order to separate oil from the paste that comes from “thryptirio” it must be smooth and made more consistent so as to allow maximum extraction of olive oil.A mixer is a device homogenization of the olive paste. It is a semicircular chamber as vessels with double walls between which passes the hot water for temperature regulation. Inside a series of rotating agitator to stir constantly paste.

The temperature of mixing should not exceed 30 ° C. So in all other phases. It is called cold process.

When it has now achieved the massage paste is ready for phase separation of solids from the plant juice contains oil.

Today the separation of vegetable juice from the nucleus is a centrifugal machine (Dekanter) which exploits the different specific weight of the basic ingredients of the olive paste: solids, water and oil.

The machine separates and removes the core separately sufficiently dry the water and oil with a water percentage.

For the final separation of the mixture of vegetable juice and oil goes through another centrifuge separator. Plant fluids from the previous separator driven by appropriate piping to the next and most crucial stage. That the final separation of oil.

We use for this centrifugal separators another type (Vertical) for thorough cleaning oil from water.

After this process, we classify the olive oil in different stainless steel tanks as the first estimate we sensory data.

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