PYTHAGORAS Monovarietal


Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A single variety, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an exceptionally low acidity produced only from new planted trees, that our third generation has planted.

This olive oil has unique characteristics such as fruitiness of high intensity with enhauced tones of fresh cut grass, with moderate bitter and spicy taste, it is the best choice for all your dishes.

Is  harvested in the middle of October.

Olives are picked one by one by hand without electric machines following the old ways of picking olives.

Olive oil is extracted few hours later (8-10 max.) of harvest, and cold pressed under optimal conditions in our own family mill.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil with an intense fruity taste, spicy flavor and rich aroma with very low acidity, rich vitamins and nutrients

The inspiration for creating this olive oil was the anniversary of the 50 years of operation of our business from our grandfather until now. The idea was to create a product, that connects the old era with the new and the modern techniques of today. This way, we want to honor our family and our island Samos, that for so many years has generously offered us its fruits. So, what a better name for our olive oil than PYTHAGORAS which is the history of our land.

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