Pythagoras of Samos

Remote destination…green, fairytale … is located in the eastern Aegean Sea,  with an area of ​​480 sq. Km and at a minimum distance from the Asia Minor coast … Samos … Endless olive groves spread to the lower parts, while linear vines cover even the highest mountain slopes. These were, in antiquity, the main crops of the island that gave the famous Samian olive oil and wine as it is today. Of the three basic products, “Wheat, Samian olive oil and wine, essential for human nutrition, the island could secure the two.

Olessa, Drysa, Hydrilis, Kyparissia, Melampylos, Filalas, Melanthemos, Anthemias. With such adjectives the ancient friendship worshiped Samos, its vast forests, the great variety of plants and flowers and its many waters. In the extremely mountainous marble of her territory she says that SAMOS owes its name – from an ancient SAMA root that declares the height.

Nature in turn brought it with euphoria and a rare beauty. SAMOS rewarded the gifts, giving unique monuments and masterpieces of art, such as the temple of Hera, the Eupalinos Tomb, the Polycrates library, and rare examples of ancient sculpture, Kouros and Daughters: and also giving the world a form of unsurpassed : Pythagoras, the assistant, Eupalinus, Aristarchus and many others.

The first marked, not only Samos but also the entire Greek and global civilization. Pythagoras, known to all of us Pythagoras (5th century BC), apart from an important Greek philosopher, geometr, music theorist and founder of the Pythagorean faculty, he was also the founder of mathematics with the well-known PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM.

SAMOS was a source of creativity for Pythagoras, because besides his Theorem, he created the FAIR CUP  to give the citizens of ancient Samos the message of respect for the measure, equality and justice. It is no accident that the name that ultimately prevailed for Samos as “The island of Pythagoras”, with its most significant attraction being its statue (Pythagoras statue) and its most important tourist destination Pythagorion, a village named after its name.

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